AFROFuturism Fiction 
by Stafford Battle

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Sbattle has been involved with the Internet/Web since it's beginning. He and his co-author  Rey O Harris wrote the first guide for African Americans in 1996.



Super awesome read! Each story grabbed and held me from beginning to end. There were few if any (that I can recall), grammar mishaps, but nothing distracting. I was amazed at how in every 'short' story, the author managed to flesh out his characters and tell a complete story. I didn’t notice anything too risqué in either story, so this collection can be enjoyed by any age -- 15 at least and up.
Great and engaging stories! Dynamic plotlines. Lots of black beauties.
Wow, that first story was wild!
Did not want this book to end! Will be looking for more AA sci-fi.

Great short story book from a great and prolific author. Definitely worth the read!

New African Fables for Adults by Stafford Levon Battle is a collection of four short stories reminiscent of the ‘old school’ way of storytelling. I don’t particularly like short stories; short stories always ends just as I am getting into them. However, Battle manages to write short stories that resonate with you long after you’ve finished reading them.

In “My Brother’s Keeper”, Hemel is the younger brother, the favorite prince, the chosen one. Aarde is his older brother who believes he should be, by birth order, the heir apparent. Envy ensues. Slavery arises. This story poses the question: Is jealousy more powerful than loyalty?

In “The Demon in the Wall”, the demon lives in the walls of every house built by humans. Grandmother Makhulu and Grandson Zende must endure deception, seduction, and transformation; but, will Makhulu and Zende emerge victorious?

The Legend of Shango” is the third story in the collection. Shango is a warrior prince whose one true love is Lotus Bloom. While Shango is away from the village, Lotus Bloom volunteers to marry the god. She has a plan to save the village from harm. Shango grew up challenging the authority of the god. Can Shango the warrior save Lotus Bloom, or will Lotus Bloom’s plan save them all?

Nat Turner’s Secret” is the last, and my favorite, in the collection. In this story, Abebe, an apprentice with the U.S. Park Service, and Mage, Abebe’s mentor, discover Nat Turner’s secret. With Mage’s help, can Abebe finally emancipate Nat Turner?

I enjoyed New African Fables for Adults. It felt like I was sitting at the feet of the village griot while I read these short stories. I recommend this collection, and I look forward to reading more of Mr. Battle’s works.

The author hits on serious topics, namely racism. But much of the story is tongue-in-cheek; the evangelical narrator declares that beer and wine are "some of the greatest human innovations," and he travels with a handy "Red Casket" that carries everything from his manuscript to cold drinks and a powerful gem. Battle's lyrical prose further elevates the text, with delightful alliteration in abundance—Nubia seemingly warns her lover of "deep dark demon doo-doo you can't slither out of." Although a sequel seems feasible, a couple of "holy commandments" at the end sum up this book's positive spin.

A succinct, funny, and generally upbeat tale about race, religion, and unity.
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AFRO Sci-Fi Collection by Stafford Battle

Join the literature revolution. Enjoy speculative fiction from a different place. Break out of the norm and get into the new. Experience a different view of science fiction and fantasy. In this short story collection, AFRO Sci-Fi written by Stafford Levon Battle, you will journey into new vistas that will broaden your appreciation of fiction and thus enrich your understanding of how society is evolving to accommodate all of us. All you need is an open mind.



Religion and Mythology clash cataclysmically when a mysterious preacher claims that his new Bible based on AFROFuturism will transcend all spiritual aspects of human culture and race and bring order and peace to the world. 

Some people believe he is a supernatural evangelist who knows the good and evil of present-day society and how to best traverse the difficult path to true happiness. 

His congregations are eager to tear down the bricks of a wicked civilization. They frequently chant and post online, “AFROFuturism embraces all of humanity and offers paths to a sustainable future.”

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At Rest

A Short Flash Fiction about an 
Ancient African Warrior

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Nat Turner's Secret

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